Thursday, April 03, 2008

April is National Autism Awareness Month

April is an auspicious time to launch this Blog. Not only is it going live during National Autism Awareness Month, it also commemorates the first anniversary of when our son James was unofficially diagnosed with developmental delays.

Since that first meeting with a Care Coordinator through the North Bay Regional Center, our family has learned so much and our son has grown. We have gone from a vague feeling of "something's not right" to a formal diagnosis of autistic disorder. We have met so many wonderful people along the way who have helped James and his family to understand his needs and how we can best help him.

This Blog is for James, our family, and any others who are learning about autism.

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Ronnie said...

Wow, that long already. Autism is a interesting situation for families to deal with on a daily basis. You learn to continue to grow with your children as they are and who they become as they grow and prosper from your help and love and caring. Along with that of the other professionals that you met along the way.